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Our Technology
Technical characteristics.

We, the manufacturers, hereby testify that our fiberglass products, as below:

Life-size, Fiberglass Statues

Have been tested for fire resistance, and have passed the tests with positive results.

The statues are manufactured using a mixture of Class I Fire Retardant Laminating Resin, fiberglass cloth over an initial brushed-on layer of polyester gel coat.Gel coat is a mixture of resin and the filler, which is natural calcium powder.Then several layers of mating fiberglass
are hand layed, wetted with the laminating resin to the point of full saturation.
Steel is placed at specific stress points such as where the legs join the torso of standing models
and where the ears and horns attach the body.

Statues are finished by painting the polished and cleaned surfaces of the body with the phtalan

This is a formal document confirming the Fiberglass Statues are fire retardant and can be
exposed in the public with no risk of catching or causing fire.

Our new, seemless technology.
Name Your need, we can make any statue you need, as an original sculpture.
Each one unique. No one the same. Each by the hand of our artist, Mr Miroslaw Górski.

Large hippo 3,20m. Long x 1,55 cm high.
Original sculpture made in our new technology: it’s a unique sculpture in styro foam, covered by fiberglass in seemless technology. No joining lines, no breaking areas, no risk of damages.

Miroslaw Górski, the artist, working on the sculpture in styro foam. Overall size and shape is achieved in this tage of the job.

Once ready, in styro foam, it is covered with thin metal film to protect styro foam from being damaged by reaction with resin.

Laminated all over, by 2 layers of 600 micrometres fiberglass. No joining lines, no breaking areas, no risk of damage.

Ready made statue compared with the size of a man. Painted white, for further painting on them. Can be finished in any design you wish.